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Steam Therapy Treatments




Anti-Aging: Exfoliation treatments open the pores, allowing the superficial and deep layers of the skin to be receptive to the nutrients in natural skin care products.


The deep penetration of vitamins, minerals and moisturizers help restore and maintain skin elasticity and tone. The steam creates a seal on the skin's surface, enclosing the nutrients within the layers of the skin where they may be absorbed and processed.

Clients love our NEW Steam Therapy Treatments because:


  • Treatments are completely private, allowing clients to deeply relax and unwind.
  • The head and neck are not heated during steam treatment, making it more comfortable and avoiding the dizziness and overheating associated with saunas
  • Clients are lying down (not sitting) allowing even blood circulation and deeper relaxation
  • The client does not have to get up between the massage or body treatment as the treatment takes place on the same table.


Benefits of Steam Therapy Treatments include: Detox, Weight Loss, and Sore Joint Pain Relief Treatments are the Steamy Wonder Spa way to look and feel better, and improve your clients' health and well being.


We can customize your steam therapy by combining our  popular body treatments with facials. No need to go somewhere else for cellulite reduction, weight loss, mud and seaweed wraps, salt or sugar glows.


Steam Therapy Treatments




 Choose your customized stream treatment:


  • Sore joint and muscle relief treatment
  • Detox and purification treatment
  • Weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Blissful rose aromatherapy
  • Relaxing lavender aromatherapy
  • Tropical cool down aromatherapy


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Treatment w/Steam


Treatment w/Steam and Massage


Steam added to ANY Spa Service

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